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Really impressed with the service provided by Simon. We had been dealing with our problem for nearly 2 years with…”
“First Class Pest Control Service – We have used Simon over a few years for various pest problems – including wasp and rat infestations. He is extremely…”
“Simon is brilliant he found out where our friend Roland rat was getting into our house felt very confident with what he was doing and he has solved our problem”
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Bristol Wasp Nest Removal £79

Wasps nests in your attic, loft, wall cavities or gardens become more dangerous, destructive and unpleasant as the year progresses. Late season wasps nests are very difficult to tackle because falling external temperatures make the wasps prone to wandering into other areas of your home, making fumigation and treatment much more difficult. If you have a wasps nest in your home, PestBristol would always suggest treatment before the weather becomes too cold for treatments to work as quickly as we would all like.

Wasp Nest Removal
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Bristol Wasp Control Price £79

Wasps nests come in a variety shapes, sizes and locations, but our charges always remain the same. If you have a wasp nest and would like our expert Simon to safely control the wasps nest for you, please get in touch today.

Bristol Wasp Control Costs £79
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Bites & Stings

Avoiding Being Stung or Bitten is a natural instinct that we all have, and the advice of experts at PestBristol is sure to help you! Wasps, hornets, bumble bees, honey bees, ants, bed bugs, horse flies, and fleas are all insects that will inject you with venom or feed on your blood. Venom often has painful, and on rare occasions, fatal effects. Bites tend to cause pain, infection and scarring. This is why effective pest services are so important.

Spider Bites Bed Bug Bites

PestBristol – Your Ethical Pest Company

You will love how our pest service focuses on solving problems with nuisance pests using exclusion methods like bird proofing & rodent proofing.

Pest Control Bristol – A Tailored Service

Unlike larger BPCA pest management companies, we offer a tailored, personal service so you always know which pest controller will be visiting for added peace of mind.

Pest Control Bristol – We Cover All Pests!

From bed bugs to bird netting and IPM contracts we help you with all your pest control needs. Join PestBristol’s satisfied clients in Bristol today. The best Pest Control Bristol.

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Commercial Pest Control

PestBristol offers commercial pest control clients the opportunity to tackle pest problems quickly, discreetly and expertly. We also work alongside commercial pest control specialists in Bristol.

Commercial Services
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