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As your local Bristol pest control provider, we are delighted to offer the most comprehensive pest control advice resource.

Pests Covered Include:

Pests in Bristol come in all shapes and sizes, but for convenience, we can place them into three categories.

  • Insects: These include – carpet moths, bed bugs, fleas, flies, wasps nest removal and carpet beetles.
  • Rodents: These include – rats mice and squirrels.
  • Birds: These include – gulls, feral pigeons, starlings and doves.

Pests are a big problem, so understanding how to solve pest problems is also essential for lasting control to be achieved.

Pest Control Solutions Include:

  • Sprays – for pesticides (for insects), disinfectants and detergents(guano clearance).
  • Fumigants – for pesticides (insects only).
  • Baits – these poisons come in many forms to be consumed by pests.
  • Contact Products – for rodent control – ingested when the rodent grooms itself.
  • Trapping – sticky boards, snap-traps and much more!

Your Bristol pest control service is all-encompassing, but we specialise in rat and bird control.

Whenever and wherever other experts have failed to establish control or elimination – we are the people the experts call in for help and advice to solve the unsolvable.

Pest problems are relatively simple to control because just like bacteria, pests of all kinds require conducive conditions to thrive.

Infestations don’t just show up one day; infestations develop over time!

What Do Pests Need to Survive and Thrive?

Pests need the following to be successful:

  • Food – a source of nutrition
  • Water – all life on earth requires the availability of water
  • Temperature – this is crucial to most pests
  • Shelter or Harbourage – protection from the elements and predation
  • Time – give pests time, and they will become an infestation

Example – Rats from a faulty drain. A female rat leaves the sewer system by burrowing out from a broken pipe and finds somewhere under your floor to settle.

She has access to the sewer (water, food and other rats) and she is just beneath your feet, completely concealed and covert (warmth and time).

In just a few months a female rat can establish a colony and by merely fixing the drain and inserting traps into the floor voids, the infestation can be stopped and solved.

We know this because we do this every single week in Bristol, and would be delighted to add you to our growing list of satisfied customers.

Sustainable Pest Control

We offer local pest control and exclusion services to homes and businesses across the Bristol area. Inspections and treatments offer you great flexibility for a pest programme tailored to your specific needs. We also offer advice on humane control and environmental control of pests. Poisons and pesticides have their place, but exclusion and environmental control often provide a safer and more sustainable alternative.

Pest Control Bristol because whatever the pest, whatever the problem – we can help you.

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