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Do Mice Harm You?

mice disease harm humans

Do Mice Harm You? Dangers Of How Mice Harm Humans In The UK How Harmful Are Mice To Humans? Mice might be the tiny little creatures of fairytales and cartoons, but they are also a public health menace that threatens the safety and welfare of humans worldwide and not just in the UK or Bristol. […]

Apple Flea Weevils

apple flea weevils

Apple Flea Weevils What Are Apple Flea Weevils? Apple Flea Weevils (Rhynchaenus pallicornis) are small, dull, snout beetles and have nothing to do with fleas. Apple flea weevils are pests of economic importance. Orchards with the worst affected trees were found in unmanaged orchards or orchards managed using organic practices. The adult weevils are highly […]