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Biting Insects in Bristol

Are Fleas Biting Everyone?

Dog fleas (Ctenocephalides canis) and cat fleas (Ctenocephalides felis) that are most commonly responsible for biting humans in Bristol.

If you think it’s just one person in your home getting bitten by fleas then you’re probably wrong. This usually means they are not reacting to the bites in the same way and have no allergy to them.

Do Fleas Carry Disease?

Fleas also carry diseases that include The Black Death, a frightening plague still around today in some of our planets poorer countries. Bacteria are spread when the flea regurgitates whilst feeding on a new host.

One key problem with flea bites is the flea bite allergy many people have to them.

The bites get itchy and the scratching causes an infection that in turn can cause permanent scarring. Fortunately, at WaspKill UK we have proven methods for controlling fleas quickly, safely and easily.

Pets that come into your homes and offices are commonly responsible for infestations. Do you have a cat flap installed without a magnetic or infrared lock on it? It’s very common for non-resident cats to enter the property and knap on sofas etc.

How Long Before Fleas Infest?

Large infestations develop over a few months, only showing their true numbers when a new host enters. This is usually while people are on holiday. Understanding the life cycle of the cat flea can help.

Whilst peoples homes are empty large numbers of flea larvae mature together. We often get called to people returning home to be covered in pepper from the carpet? In other words, hundreds of hungry, biting fleas, emerging from the floors etc simultaneously.

The flea’s astonishing ability to jump 100 times its own height, helps it jump onto a passing host. What’s interesting is they only jump when it’s light!

Will DIY Flea Control Products Work?

Pest products bought in the shops can have some effect but in general, are a sorry match for large infestations.

Only integrated methods of control that include fumigation and residual sprays work quickly. Nothing you buy over the counter will come close to professional methods for the speed of control.

What Flea Treatments Are Available

Flea treatments for cat fleas and dog fleas available to the general public are very expensive and in most cases simply do not work.

We have customers who spend hundreds of pounds or more on shop-bought sprays. Sprays from the supermarkets or vets just don’t get the results they promise.

Our products are varied and this is because every situation is slightly different. Professional products get good results in the majority of cases. and from experience, we know that the chemicals we use are quite simply the very best.