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Gull Control

Netting – Cleaning – Exclusion

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Bird Netting

High Level – Discreet – Humane

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Starling Control

Exclusion – Prevention

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Bird Parasites

Fumigation – Disinfection

Frequently asked Questions

What Birds Are Covered?

All types of bird can be excluded from properties. Most bird control targets Pigeons and Gulls because of the mess they create and diseases they can spread.

Do you remove bird droppings?

Yes – Our bird dropping (Guano) removal and disinfection services quickly eliminate faecal deposits, bacteria, parasites and viruses from vehicles, windows and properties of every size.

Is your service humane?

Exclusion is always the most humane form of control. When installed properly, bird netting will resolve the chances of birds becoming trapped in or behind bird netting.

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