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Wasps Control – Wasps Nesting Under Floors

Are Wasps Dangerous

Wasps control is a necessity in many cases because wasps can be such a dangerous nuisance pest.

Getting wasps controlled in your home or garden makes sense early in the year before the nests are large enough to put you or your loved ones at risk of being stung or even swarmed. In rare cases wasp attacks are life-threatening, and we have seen this first hand!

Emergency Wasp Control

We fully understand the risks and put a priority on any wasp nests that pose an imminent risk to you. We will usually  arrive on site within an hour, so you can rest assured your wasp problem will be gone the very same day.

Are Wasp Chemicals Dangerous?

The chemicals we use in the industry are very safe.

We use insecticidal dusts that work almost immediately and most wasps nests are fall silent to activity within an hour.

Even the very largest nests are controlled quickly and safely, not because the chemicals are strong, but because the wasps are very sensitive to it.

The Chemical Used is “Ficam D”.

How Much Does Your Wasp Control service Cost?

Our prices vary on time of year and your location.

In general, we try to price as closely as we can to the prices charged by local authorities.

Please call for our latest prices. For convenience, we now take card payments with mobile terminals.

Do You Remove The Wasps Nests?

We rarely remove a wasp nest because we want the worker wasps to return to the nest and be eliminated.

It can be a few hours before all the wasps have returned, and if they don’t have a nest to return too, they tend to hang around with no means of control.

Simple really – If you remove the nest too soon, you have no active chemical to eliminate returning wasps.

One pest controller famously removed a wasp nest and put it into a bag before placing it in their customers wheelie bin. The wasps ate through the bag and when their daughter  took out her birthday present wrappers, they swarmed her!

Some British wasps are dangerous, we don’t take chances – we play it safe every time and leave wasps nests treated in situ to die completely. We keep you safe.

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