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Bird Control In Bristol

Bristol Bird Control Services

Ethical and humane of nuisance birds in Bristol require a well planned and implemented series of steps to be successful. Time and again customers requiring bird control in Bristol know and trust us to invest in the very best products of lasting exclusion and specialist guano clearance.

Bristol’s Top 5 Bird Pests

  1. Herring Gulls
  2. Lesser Black-Backed Gulls
  3. Feral Pigeons
  4. Crows
  5. House Sparrows

Why Are Birds In Bristol Controlled?

Wild birds carry diseases and parasites of medical importance to humans. Birds given the opportunity to nest or roost will also deposit droppings containing dangerous microorganisms.

Bird Droppings & Guano

Bird droppings or guano become airborne as they dry, causing allergies and lung conditions. In addition, any droppings accidentally handled result in cross-contamination of food poisoning bacteria like Salmonella.

Bird droppings are acidic, causing damage to surfaces on sensitive structures, buildings and vehicles.

Guano will also build up over many years to cause physical damage and even a fire risk to roof structures and roof-mounted equipment including air conditioning, ventilation, water and solar systems.

Bird Parasites

Parasites from nesting birds often migrate through buildings. Parasites cause allergies, skin conditions and visible bites on humans. Bedrooms, converted attics and roof terraces are the worst affected locations.

All in all, birds spell trouble when left to thrive in sensitive locations without monitoring or control.

How Are Birds Controlled Ethically?

Birds have legal protection, so any control requires full consideration of the relevant legislation. This requires that the safety of birds and the safety and health security of humans are carefully balanced.

We provide many different services including

  • Bird Netting
  • Laser Deterrent Systems
  • Bird Barriers
  • Guano Clearance
  • Specialist Cleaning
  • General Pest Control

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