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Biting Insects

Biting Insects & Parasites

Biting insects and related parasites feed on warm-blooded animals. Parasites often require a blood meal in order to successfully produce offspring. Bites are inflicted by the mouthparts of animals at different stages in their lifecycle.

Common Biting Insects & Animals Include

  1. Bedbugs
  2. Horse Flies
  3. Midges
  4. Mites
  5. Fleas

Insects bite to feed and others bite in defence. Some large insects can inflict a very painful bite with no other obvious swelling or skin irritation afterwards.

Some people have been bitten so often that they no longer show signs of being bitten.

Finally, we have those that get bitten and feel targetted by the insects or mites.

Bite Allergies

In truth, insects are rarely picking on one person. We often get called to people where only one person in the property is showing signs of bites.

What’s actually occurring is that the person being bitten is the only one showing signs and symptoms of being bitten because of a bite allergy.

Allergies to bites are very common.

Bites & Infection

the person being bitten is called the host. The host has qualities the parasite needs to survive. In animals, we call this a blood meal.

We might also consider that our blood might not have been the parasites first meal of the day or even that month!

Bedbugs survive in laboratories for three years or more, while fleas live for up to a year. What this tells us that every animal can live without food for sustained periods where the environment is conducive to them.

This is yet another reason we often use residual pesticides as part of a treatment plan. Bedbugs and other parasites tend to be extremely hardy and won’t feed for long periods or only when conditions are optimum.

Once bitten, our bodies pick up the bacteria, viruses and toxins from the offending parasite as it feeds on us. The skin quickly seals over after a bite, enclosing these harmful products in our bodies.


Bites are uncomfortable o talk about, but we must. Covering up and protecting our skin with moisturisers, essential oils and other products helps, but covering up is sometimes the best option.

We will all be bitten in our lifetime, but professional pest control protects us in the comfort of our own homes. learn more about what might be biting you by booking a pest control inspection today.

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