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Drains & Rats

Drain Faults Helping Rats Invade Your Home

20 ways that sewer rats get inside your home

  1. Disused Rear Inlet Gullies
  2. Abandoned Sewer Branches
  3. Disused Inspection Chambers
  4. Redundant Outside Toilets
  5. Disused Pipe Holes In Walls
  6. Broken Air Vents & Morter
  7. Gaps Under Doors
  8. Faulty Inspection Chamber Lids
  9. Damaged Inspection Chamber Lid Surrounds
  10. Faulty Inspection Chamber Walls
  11. Faulty Pipes
  12. Open Kitchen Gullies
  13. Faulty Flexible Connectors On Toilets
  14. Second Hand Furniture
  15. Open Windows & Doors
  16. Faulty Cat & Dog Flaps
  17. Gaps Between Adjoining Houses
  18. Gaps Between adjoining Attics
  19. Faulty Benching In Inspection Chambers
  20. Open Utility Bridges In Foundations

Drains – Steps To A Rat Free Home!

Where rats have made access into your home from faulty drains the following steps are essential.

1 – Let the water authority check your drains for defects

2 – Get a detailed map of your local sewers from the water authority

3 – Ask a drain company to map and video your domestic drains

4 – Ask a pest controller with drainage experience to assess the footage from the drain company and recommend repairs

5 – Once remedial repairs have been booked in to be completed, begin baiting rats, so they have the chance to feed and succumb to the bait externally.

6 – One week from starting baiting, consider proofing to seal and repair drains or other entry points

7 – Once remediated, remove bait and swap to traps – avoiding a final round of Bait-Stink-Flies-Repeat.

8 – Once the property has been free of rat activity for a month, it is likely the problem will not return.

9 – Stay Vigilant – If the noises return, do not leave until later! Never wait for infestation levels to return to previous levels or worse. get professionals back in right away.

10 – Should the measures you applied fail – don’t be disheartened – consider repeating the process to look for new damage or access points. It is not uncommon to discover rats have eaten right through your repairs!

Book your rat inspection today.


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