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Pests in bristol include insects, birds and rodents. The most common pests have been listed below. We chose the top five in each category to give some context to our urban pest control experiences in Bristol.

Where possible we do all we can to ensure the services we provide are delivered ethically and with great care for our environment.

Bristol’s Top 5 Insect Pests

without doubt, the city has over a hundred different species of insect we could describe as pests in residential and commercial buildings. The most common of these in our own experience has been.

  1. Wasps
  2. Hornets
  3. Moths
  4. Flies
  5. Fleas

Bristol’s Top 5 Rodent Pests

Rodents have been responsible for the arrival of Bubonic plague in Bristol and other diseases of medical importance like Salmonella. Rats cause tremendous damage to buildings, squirrels destroy attics and gnaw through plastic pipes. Mice are the most dangerous vectors of disease today, though. Mice are incontinent of both urine and faeces, leaving contamination everywhere they go. Always, always keep hygiene in mind with rodents around.

  1. Rats
  2. Field Mice
  3. House Mice
  4. Grey Squirrels
  5. Voles

Bristol’s Top 5 Avian (bird) Pests

  1. Gulls
  2. Pigeons
  3. Sparrows
  4. Starlings
  5. Crows

We hope you never need to suffer the consequences of infestation; however, always know we are here if you need us. Nothing delights us more than knowing we have helped rid you of pests for good.

Other pests you might not always think about but would make you queasy if you thought you had them feeding on you include the parasites!

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