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Stinging Insects

Stinging Insect Pests

Hymenopteran insects use a modified egg-laying tube called an ovipositor to inject venom into both prey and predators. Venom is sprayed and injected by stinging insects, depending on the species. Some stingers are barbed to ensure the maximum delivery of venom is achieved, even when this kills the insect itself.

Wasps, Bees Ants and Hornets all have stings that carry a high price for anyone with a sting allergy. Anaphylaxis is a condition where a substance – in this case, venom – is introduced into the body by injection.

The body tries to defeat the substance with a huge immune response that could lead to serious illness or even death.

Insect Stings & First-Aid

Anaphylaxis is rare, but the consequences of being swarmed could still prove medically destructive in those with no allergy to venom.

Another side effect of being stung is the pain and irritation that often lasts for a few weeks. Various products are on the market claiming to work wonders. First aid for stings usually includes a cold compress and some antihistamines. Sometimes we see skin become itchy and raised and in other people the skin blisters, resulting in scars!

The best advice for insect stings is probably from your local medical service provider and NHS Direct.

We have written a helpful post on how to avoid insect stings that might also help you remain free from insect stings.

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