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The Wasps & Bees of Bristol

Wasps & Bees in Bristol

Paper Wasps, hornets, bumblebees, and honey bees, have always been a source of wonder and fascination for millennia. Wasps have the benefit of killing off harmful bugs, larvae and flies in early summer. Bees pollinate plants and providing honey and wax for food, medicinal and other purposes.

The UK has many different species of bee and wasp so knowing what you are dealing with is essential to the success of any treatment. Furthermore, you cannot complete ethical pest control if you have no idea what you are treating.

What Wasps Or Bees Do You Have?

Professional, ethical wasp and bee control begins with accurate identification and a deep understanding of the risks involved. Knowing when to step back is as important as knowing when to step back.

Is Professional Control Required?

Social wasps and paper wasps are one in the same living in communities or colonies headed by a single queen. Wasps nests contain many thousands of wasps and some nests are the size of small cars!

We often say that nests larger than a grapefruit should be left for professionals to control and nests in confined spaces or in areas close to public or neighbours require particular care and planning to be safe.

Bees are not protected in law but do need to be treated sensitively. Honey bee colonies could contain 50-100,000 insects, almost ten times that of a wasp nest.

Deciding, if control is required, is often a preference, but an inspection by a pest professional is always advised for complete peace of mind.

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