Bed Bugs

A quick guide to bed bugs & Their Control

bristol bedbug control
Bristol Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs in Bristol are common biting parasites commonly transferred from one property to another by humans! Getting rid of bedbugs takes patience, care and usually time. Eliminate bed bugs quickly with our fantastic advice.

What Are Bedbugs?

Bedbugs are a species of bug that feeds on mammalian blood. It uses a straw-like mouthpart to puncture the skin and suck out blood. Bites will often become inflamed and require steroid creams to settle the damaged skin.

Bed bug bites.

The most common routes of entry into your home include

  • second-hand furniture
  • contaminated luggage
  • visiting guests
  • contaminated pets
  • through the fabric of the building in flats, terraces and semi-detached houses.

Could Bedbug Bites Scar?

bedbug bites scars
Scars From Bedbug Bites Could last a lifetime.

Yes! as you can easily see in the image above, these insects can cause the most horrible scarring. Rapid control is the only solution.

How Are These Parasites Controlled?

The four main forms of bed bug control include

  • fumigation – only effective for the short time it is in the air
  • residual sprays – last moths, providing the best possible bedbug control
  • residual dust – used to treat electrical plug sockets
  • bedbug traps & lures – Expensive but worth knowing if the bugs have gone
  • steam & heat treatments – Steam is cheap, but thermal treatments can cost 5K
  • exclusion, removal of contaminated animals or items – be careful with new arrivals
  • daily activity checks – daily checks of beds and bedding is a must

What Insects Look Similar?

The most common insect getting the blame for bedbug activity is the carpet beetle and its larvae.

adult carpet beetle on carpet
Adult Carpet Beetles.


carpet beetle larvae control
Carpet Beetle Larvae.

For more information about bedbugs, visit the NHS bed bug information page.