Flea Control Treatments

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Control of fleas is simple, but what are fleas? Fleas are common biting insect parasites of warm-blooded animals. Animals include cats, dogs and humans! Eliminating these nuisance insects is easy with the correct advice.

Fleas (Siphonaptera) have been feeding on mammals and birds for millions of years. More than 2000 species of flea have so far been discovered making them highly successful and adaptable organisms.

Flea species in the UK are dominated by the dog flea (Ctenocephalides canis) and the cat flea (Ctenocephalides felis). No doubt the domestication of these animals is a key reason for their success.

Why Treat Fleas?

Flea treatments must first begin with a high level of housekeeping and cleanliness to remove locations where flea larvae could develop. Pesticides have been designed for controlling fleas on and off the affected animals, but cleanliness and regular veterinary checkups always work best.

Some of the older pesticide treatments no longer work because flea populations have developed resistance to them. Your vet will have the very latest and safest flea formulas and professional pest controllers like ourselves provide a variety of options to combat the fleas within your home.

Biting Fleas & Disease

Insects that bite will always hold the danger that they could potentially transmit diseases to humans. We call animals that transmit diseases, vectors of disease. Fleas are vectors of disease and were responsible for the transmission of Yersinia pestis otherwise known as the Bubonic plague.

Other dangers that biting insects pose is the discomfort of bites, the itching, damage to the skin and the resultant scaring that often lasts a lifetime and may even be disfiguring. All in all flea infestations should never be taken lightly and always controlled as quickly and effectively as possible for the benefit of humans and animals alike.

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