Mouse Control & Extermination

Get Rid Of Mice In Your House

Mice often appear in homes with no obvious way in, because they can fit through holes the size of 10mm. This makes them the perfect animal to enter through the smallest gaps in a building. Rodents carry and transmit many different diseases and parasites, and will cause structural damage to your property and its contents.

Common Entry Points For Mice

  • Gaps under doors
  • Holes around door and window frames
  • Accessing roofs via climbing and overhanging plants and trees
  • Weep holes in brickwork
  • Holes in masonry around wires and pipes
  • Tumble dryer vents
  • Utility points for gas, water or electric
  • Under unsealed wooden cladding
  • Boiler rooms and outhouses
  • Outdoor toilets and utility rooms
  • Cat and dog flaps

Knowing where and how to achieve control with poison, traps and exclusion will prevent repeated infestations and leave your home mouse-free.

Mouse Poison

Mouse poison is designed to kill rodents as quickly and humanely as possible. Poison is always a short term solution because the last thing you want is large numbers of vermin continuously dying in your home. The focus of all control is exclusion, and we will talk more about this later.

Mouse Traps

Mousetraps and glue-boards are the least humane option for control but are still viewed as safer than poison. Traps work best when a small number of mice need to be caught quickly. In large infestations, dozens of traps may be required to achieve rapid control.

Mouse Exclusion

Exclusion is always the most humane form of control and should be a priority. It helps avoid the cycle of bait-stink-flies-repeat and saves you money in the long run.

There are many different products on the market to help you exclude rodents from your property and a pest inspection from one of our local pest controllers might be the perfect way to to get the best results fast.

We have a wide range of rodent control solutions to help you with these matters and would love to help rid your property of mice quickly and ethically.