Bristol Rodent Control

These include Squirrels, Mice & Rats!


Rat-borne diseases and parasites represent a significant public health threat. Those Most At-Risk Include Children, Pregnant Women, The Elderly and people Convalescing.

bristol rat control
Bristol Rat Control


Mouse borne diseases and parasites represent a significant public health threat.

Those Most At Risk Include Children, Pregnant Women, The Elderly and people Convalescing.

Salmonella – Severe and sometimes fatal food poisoning.

Tularemia – If bitten by a rodent this bacteria can attack your immune system and lungs.

Leptospirosis – Weil’s disease – a notifiable disease, leading to multi-organ failure and death.

E.coli 0157 – This frightening disease from rodent faeces causes renal failure and intestinal bleeding.

Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis – Viral Meningitis that starts of innocently like the flue.

Plague – Very rare in this country, but cannot be excluded from thought.

How Mice Spread Diseases And Parasites

Routes of Disease Transmission Include:

Biting – you, your children, family, pets or livestock

Urine & Droppings – Infecting your groceries and work surfaces with urine and over 30 droppings each per night

Being eaten – by your pets

Contaminating – pets and your pet’s food and water

Spreading – blood-sucking parasites like fleas and mites

Contaminating – water supplies especially where they fall into water tanks

Bristol Pest Control
Bristol Pest Control – Home


Always be aware of the rodent damage “already” caused to your belongings, wiring, roofing felt, membrane and insulation. If left unresolved the squirrels can continue to generate thousands in damage that insurance will not cover.

By far the biggest risk with squirrels is damage to cables. The average cost of repairs to cables is £500 GBP to £1000 GBP.

Cables are becoming more expensive because they are increasingly and frequently fibre optic based and calling out electrical, phone and aerial engineers won’t be cheap. This will exclude how much control and proofing will be.

Gnawed cables are expensive to replace, but the consequences of damage caused to damaged plastic pipes will be far worse! We’ve seen a rise in the number of properties severely damaged by the effects of gnawed plastic water and waste pipes.

bristol squirrel control
Bristol Squirrel Control

Rodent species we can help you with include the Edible Dormouse or Glis glis, Rats, Mice and Grey squirrels.