Squirrel Control

bristol squirrel removal
Bristol squirrel control treatments

Squirrel control requires that Grey squirrels get controlled quickly and humanely.

Control of squirrels requires that the entry point is sealed to prevent new squirrels entering.

Exclusion is the most humane form of squirrel control and the preferred method.

How Do You Get Rid of Squirrels?

Achieving effective elimination requires the use of lethal trapping because it works quickly.

Even if you seal the squirrels out with repairs to your roof, some squirrels get trapped inside and cause havoc!

Rapid control often involves some tough choices.

What Other Pests Make Noises In The Loft?

  1. Rats often get into attics and can usually be heard in the walls
  2. House mice and field mice are very common, leaving droppings everywhere
  3. Bumble Bees drone and squeak all day and all night
  4. Wasps make a crackling noise as they eat through ceilings
  5. Birds sound like rodents but are usually very quiet at night

Squirrels have droppings that look like those of a rat but rarely smell. They also destroy loft insulation.

Loft insulation is damaged by squirrels when they scratch it into piles to make a new house or drey.