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Killing Rats Is Never The Goal – Exclusion is The Goal!

Simon Berenyi

Exclusion is always the primary end goal of rat control because exclusion avoids the destructive, wasteful and inhumane system of BAIT-STINK-FLIES-REPEAT.

Joining The Pest Control Industry

Hi, my name is Simon, a pest controller. I started my professional life in the Ambulance service and spent almost 15 years in health care before training as a teacher.

In fact, I’ve spent most of my professional life helping people.

My challenge? I hated being indoors all the time, so decided to go in search of a career that would help me indulge in my passion for science and nature.

After much searching, I started a new career in pest control.

The pest control industry trains people to find the rats, kill them as quickly as possible and monitor for further activity and eliminate as required.

Unfortunately, treatments miss the point. Exclusion is the game!

Exclusion avoids the need to kill any more pests. A win-win!

Exclusion Is The Most Humane Form Of Control.

Simon Berenyi

The Problem With Rat Control

Exclusion is often technically challenging and expensive – Control with poison is easy!

I was so excited to get started, but over the following three years I would get call after call from disgruntled, desperate customers that I had failed.

I felt like garbage. Then one day I had the courage to tell a customer what I really thought.

A £7000.00 insurance claim later and my customer was thrilled.

rats in kitchens
A Common Rat Entry Point In Kitchens

But it gets better. I also had a groundworks expert who helped me map out the ultimate rat control system.

It was at this point I coined the term that has come to define the failing system the industry makes its money on. It is the industries dirty little secret. They call it best practice.

I Call Traditional Control – BAIT-STINK-FLIES-REPEAT!

Simon Berenyi

What Do Customers Love About This System?

  1. This System Is More Humane Compared to Traditional Control
    • Professional pest control is sometimes considered a never-ending cycle of Bait-Stink-Flies-Repeat! If you exclude the rats, surely you should no longer need to kill them? Exclusion or removal and control of a preferred food supply ensure control should only ever be required once.
  2. This System Helps Avoid The Stink & Flies Of Dead Rodents
    • Baiting for a short period prior to proofing ensures rodents have the chance to leave your property before they die or are affected by lethal control measures.
  3. This System Reduces Pesticide Use
    • Bait should be a last resort and a one time option. Indiscriminate use of pesticides is dangerous and harmful to the environment. If you need to keep baiting then you have not identified or do not have control of the source.
  4. This System Saves You Money
    • Many customers we visit have often had rat problems in a property for many years. Customers will go through many different pest control providers and make zero progress. Reasons that pest controllers repeatedly come up with routinely reflect a poor understanding of drainage and building construction pertinent to rat control. This lack of understanding costs homeowners thousands in redundant pest control treatments, repairs, remediation and sadly – house sales.
  5. This System Saves You Time
    • The average rat problem never gets solved! Our average customer is rat free forever in less than 14 days.
  6. This System Protects Your Health
    • Every time a rodent comes into your home the result is cumulative damage from gnawing, droppings, urine and even insect parasites that could easily feed on you, especially rat fleas. As droppings dry, particles can become airborne with a risk to respiratory health. Urine left on floors and kitchen countertops is another common sense risk people often overlook.
  7. This System Maintains Your Faith In Ethical Pest Control
    • The industry is slowly changing and some highly experienced pest control operators are entering the field with advanced diagnostic solutions for drains and more. This rebirth of the industry is extremely encouraging but still represents a tiny fraction of pest control businesses. For this reason, you need to shop around for a specialist that clearly understands structural rat ingress routes and how to solve them.
  8. This System Helps Avoid Rats Being Trapped Inside Your Home
    • One massive mistake made, again and again, is the kneejerk reaction of filling holes too soon. Entry points are also exit points. If you seal before you bait or trap, the rodents have only one place to pass away – in your home. The stench of a dead rodent can be so unbearable it often causes homeowners to vacate their homes for a few weeks while the smell dissipates.
  9. This System Helps Avoid A Plague Of Flies
    • Dead rodents equal dead flies. The mass emergence of flies is very common and although distressing, should not be discounted. Flies are natures cleaners and they are the reason the smell subsides. Blooms of flies often last about a week, with the bulk of flies appearing over just a few days. The best way to get rid o the flies is with a vacuum. a) Clean out your vacuum cylinder. b) Suck up as many flies as you can see. c) Empty the cylinder in the garden. Simple! It’s always tempting to grab the fly spray, but breathing in fly spray can’t be good for anyone.
  10. This System Protects and Lasts
    • Identifying the true source of a rat infestation and remediating it, is one of the most self-cleansing investments a person will make in a property. The relief of knowing that rats from that source will never again trouble you, your property or be the cause of unexpected bills is a super feeling.
  11. This System Is A Common Sense Investment
    • With 80% of our customers reporting that a rat problem has been present from the day they moved into their home, it is clear to see how many people give up on these issues and move home. The average cost of moving house in 2019 based on selling a house for £350K and buying for 350K within a 10-mile radius is over £15000.00! The average cost of our services to solve the problem is just a tenth of that cost.
  12. This System Raises The Bar On Acceptable Practice
    • Once you understand this process fully, you can never go back to the old ways of controlling rats. It will never again be acceptable or palatable. Here in lies the problem. Because the industry has no reason to change. Consumers are the very best leverage and encouraging more pest control operators to get involved in technical rat control will make a huge difference. Knowing you have helped a customer solve issues like this is fantastic because you know you’ve made a lasting difference to the quality of another person’s life. The ultimate WIN-WIN.

Want To Learn More? Our Book Is Now Available on Amazon. Yay!

rat control book

Why Doesn’t The Pest Control Industry Want You To Know This?

  • 1 – Big pest control companies thrive on contract pest control.
  • 2 – Treatments make money forever – solutions pay out just once.
  • 3 – Suppliers to the industry want treatments and not solutions.

The industry is slowly changing but only because pest control companies are becoming or being swallowed up by facilities management companies.