Honey Bee Swarms

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Honey Bee Swarm Removal & Control

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How to Remove or Eliminate Honey Bee Swarms

Because Honey Bee swarms are reportedly in decline, swarms deserve all the help we can give them.

With this thought in mind, it makes complete sense to realise that control is always a last resort.

Because honeybee swarms can easily exceed 50000 bees, they do sometimes need specialist control.

This is especially true in situations where they end up in locations that pose a risk to humans.

Honeybee swarms in close proximity to humans usually make chemical control unavoidable.

Are Honey Bees Protected by Law?

In the UK it is not illegal to eliminate or control honey bees where they pose a risk.

Professional control requires only that the bees be eliminated in the shortest time possible and the combs are removed or concealed. Comb concealment and removal avoids contamination of surrounding hives.

Guidelines provide a balance between safety and control. Regulation raises the need to be very careful how swarms are managed.

People often call us when a swarm descends down their chimney only to appear in the customers front room.

Beekeepers are rarely available at short notice, and swarms inside a property are usually seen as unviable or impossible to collect and relocate safely and easily.

Beekeepers don’t tend to like killing bees, leaving this process to experts like ourselves instead.

We have the experience, pesticides, accreditations and Insurances to make the process fast, humane and safe.

What Does Honeybee Swarm Control Cost?

Honeybee extermination can become an expensive exercise because of these strict but necessary guidelines.

Because bee swarms often nest at a great height, specialist access is almost always required and this must be available in the required configuration for swarm control.

honey bees access scaffold

Honeybee swarms regularly enter chimneys and require special access to get to them.

The combined cost of access, control and remediation can easily pass £1000.00 Рa sobering thought!

If you had 50-100K insects descend down your chimney – would you let them stay?

If the bees are concealed in a roof, wall or chimney void, they might be safe to leave in place.

Where they do invade a home, the consequences can be horrific.

Professionals like ourselves at WaspKill UK will always try and give you the best advice we can, but onsite visits are normally essential.