Clothes Moths

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Clothes moth larvae in a carpet.

Clothes Moths (Tineola bisselliella)

Clothes moths are a small, metallic gold, nuisance pest that flies around in front of the TV at night or sits on the wall next to your bed. By contrast, case bearing carpet moths are larger, grey.

At first glance, many people mistake these moths for flies. Customers report a feeling of being under siege because nothing they buy ever seems to get rid of clothes moths. The real damage is still hidden though.

Many of the properties we visit have mothballs and pheromone traps dotted around the bedrooms, but they still have moths. Is it because the traps don’t work? No, the real reason is you are not cleaning or tackling these insects in the right places.

Most of the real damage is caused to textiles in two specific locations and for two very different reasons.

Wardrobes, tightly packed with clothing that is rarely worn makes an easy meal for clothes moths.

Large items of furniture are the other reason for moth infestations. We visit so many properties with huge, heavy items of furniture that are almost never moved.

Now for the squeamish part. Moths larvae don’t always begin life feeding on your carpets, they begin feeding on your skin!

Animal skin flakes from humans and animals build up in the dust under large items of furniture of which 70-80% is skin flakes.

A deep clean of carpets beneath and behind furniture can sometimes deliver outstanding results without the need for pesticides.