Rat Control Advice

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The Best Rat Control Advice

Rat control advice that works and lasts is hard to find. Luckily, this super infographic describes the process in five easy steps. Get rid of rats more quickly and easily today.

The simplicity of rat control hinges on 5 simple steps – principles that work, again and again.

Rat Control Made Simple!

rat control advice
5 Facts About Rat Control

Rodent control in homes, kitchens and attics is often a simple process. Find out how the rats enter your home and seal everything up to prevent re-infestation.

Advice for Rat Infestations & Neighbours

The greatest challenge to resolving rodent problems arrises when you involve neighbours or others unwilling to help or even take part in the extermination process.

By far the easiest property is the detached property, followed by semi-detached, terraced and flats. The reason for this dilemma is often a result of peoples fears.

Residents often become fearful of attack to their reputation, wallet and self. When speaking to neighbours it pays to begin by asking them for their help. Most people love to help, but any hint of blame often results in you being stonewalled.

Inherited Rat Infestations

With over 80% of our customers reporting issues shortly after moving into a property, the chances of you inheriting a rat infestation is more common than ever. Check behind kitchen unit plinths, inspect loft spaces for discarded bait trays and be careful – traps may still be set!

Any unusual smells close to the suspected source of a rodent sighting could reveal that drains have failed or blocked. Smells are also a sign that the rats are using your underfloor voids as a toilet!

Flea infestations could also be involved! We have visited at least a dozen properties where customers were being bitten by fleas. The flea bites stopped, shortly after the rodents were controlled.

Follow the steps above and you should quickly discover the source of your issue. Good Luck!

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