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Bees & Honey Bee Swarms

Help Controlling Social & Solitary bees

Bees can cause terrible disruption in homes and business from late spring until late summer.

The most top three species of bee we are asked to help with include the Masonry Bee, Honey Bee and Bumble Bee. Various kinds of Mining Bee also cause problems, especially in late summer.

Masonry Bees – These love to burrow into soft mortar or cement. In small numbers, they are not a problem, but some can and will sting you.

Bumble Bees – The Tree Bumblebee is a big problem in Bristol. Tree bumblebees prefer to live in attics, lofts and crawl spaces where they nest between your loft insulation and ceiling. A Bumble bee can deliver a nasty sting if disturbed, so don’t take chances with them.

Honey Bees – easily the best-known bee species. Honey bees are crop producers with honey becoming a premium health product. We are also beekeepers so can relocate most swarms without the need to destroy them.

As with all living creatures, the seasons and the climate all vary from year to year. This variation in prevailing weather conditions can affect insect numbers.

Variations in insect numbers are typical. One year masonry bee numbers are on the rise and the next year we see very few!

Differences in insect densities are the same for all insects – with each year’s winners and losers almost impossible to predict.

We have seen a rise in bee numbers in recent years and believed next we will be great for the growth of bee populations in Bristol.

Gooseberry Sawflies

Nematus ribesii larvae gooseberry sawfly

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Insect Stings First Aid

insect sting first aid

What To Do If You Are Stung! Your aim with a casualty who has been stung is to reduce as far as possible any swelling or discomfort. If the casualty shows any of the following signs or symptoms, you need to call “999” immediately for help and advice! Have a known allergy to stings. Lose […]

Avoid Stings From Insects

insect sting first aid

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Honey Bee Swarms

honey bees swarm chimney bristol

With Bristol Pest Control Honey Bee Swarm Removal Because Honey Bee swarms are reportedly in decline, swarms deserve all the help we can give them. With this thought in mind, it makes complete sense to realise that control is always a last resort. Honeybee swarms can easily exceed 50000 bees and sometimes need specialist control. […]

Pest Control Bristol

gulls control bristol

Welcome As your local pest control business in Bristol, we are delighted to be developing this site to help serve you. Pests Covered Include: Pests in Bristol come in all shapes and sizes, but for convenience, we can place them into three categories. Insects: These include – carpet moths, bedbugs, fleas, flies, wasps and bees. […]