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Beetles & Weevils

Beetles, Weevils & Their Control

The presence of beetles and weevils will be a common sight in many homes but never in large numbers. Sudden infestations of beetles and weevils are unusual, especially the same kind.

Beetle and weevil infestations come from two places – timber or food.

Timber beetle larvae mature and emerge from stored timber in wood baskets, decorative timbers, furniture, stored food and structural timbers. Weevils enter our homes in foods that include seeds and grains.

The first step for any insect infestation is a professional inspection. Pest inspections ensure correct identification of both the pest and the source.

Fumigation of property rarely occurs. Items infested with Insects and not coming from structural timbers will be removed for direct treatment, storage or disposal.

Disposal is simple because vacuum cleaners will quickly remove them. Once identified, the treatment of the affected areas should commence immediately.

Many of the clients we visit, never have the same problem again, ever!

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Pest Control Bristol

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