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Bristol Wasp Control

Wasp Control & Removal in Bristol

Bristol wasp control services removing wasps and hornets from your home and garden quickly and safely with same day service as standard.

How Are Wasps & Hornets Controlled?

Wasp and hornet nest treatments require great care. Nests of these insects vary in size and shape with some nests growing to the size of small cars and containing tens of thousands of insects!

Professional wasp control is a great way to get rid of nuisance nests without fear of being swarmed or stung.

Expert advice is just a phone call away – please call and book your wasp control treatment today – 0117 369 2709.

Pesticides Used For Wasp Control

The most commonly used pesticide of choice is called Ficam D, a type of contact dust. Once applied to the nest’s entry point, you will notice we use the wasps as a vehicle to carry the pesticide into the nest.

Wasp Nest Treatments – What To Expect

The first step is to dust the entry point. Once applied, wasps returning to the nest cluster at the entry point and gradually make contact with the dust. It takes about an hour for all the wasps from the nest to return to the nest. It takes about 4 minutes for the pesticide to take effect once on the insect. Putting all these factors together means a nest is almost entirely dormant in a little over an hour.

Should You Remove The Nest?

Removal of nests is rarely necessary because the pesticide needs to be left in place to make contact with returning wasps. In colder or wetter whether it might be at least a few hours before all the wasps have returned and the treatment has become fully effective. Colder weather (below 10 degrees C) makes control less effective, and wasps will often be found in the house because the cold disorients them. Leaving the nest in place significantly reduces issues going forward, but late-season nests late September onwards – might need fumigation to be effective.

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