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Bristol Wasps Nest Control

Get Rid Of Wasps Nests

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Bristol wasps become a massive problem in the hot summer months.

Controlling these stinging insect pests is easy for us, but not so easy for amateurs.

When a wasps nest grows beyond the size of an orange, you need to be calling in a professional.

We get rid of hundreds of nests each year, but each nest has a personality of its own. Some wasp nests are calm and won’t register you are even there.

The nests that we fear most are the ones that swarm you when you get within a few metres of them.

Lucky for us, and other people, nests like this are rare. We probably see no more than three each year. The problem is you don’t know until you are too close to escape!

Don’t take risks with wasps – we are always delighted to assist and keep you and your loved ones safe.

Insect Stings First Aid

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What To Do If You Are Stung! Your aim with a casualty who has been stung is to reduce as far as possible any swelling or discomfort. If the casualty is showing any of the following signs or symptoms, you need to call “999” immediately for help and advice! Have a known allergy to stings. […]

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Bristol Wasp Control

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Bristol Wasp Control – 0117 369 2709 Are Wasps Dangerous? Bristol Wasp Control is a necessity in many cases because wasps can be such a dangerous nuisance pest. Getting wasps controlled in your home or garden makes sense early in the year before the nests are large enough to put you or your loved ones […]

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