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Bumble Bees in Bristol

Bumble Bee Removal & Control in Bristol

Getting rid of unwanted bumble bees, bees nests and colonies is not as easy as it sounds and bumblebees can ferociously protect their nests if provoked. We all listen to people saying these bees are harmless, but bees have a stinger for a reason; defence!

Bristol is home to many different species of bumblebee and the most common species of interest is the European Tree Bumble Bee (Bombus hypnorum).

Tree bumblebees have a distinctive brown back and white-tipped abdomen. The Queen bees build nests directly onto ceilings and use the loft insulation as a roof.

As the nest quickly develops, the buzzing from the bees builds until the person in the room bellow can no longer get any sleep!

Nests grow over many years and eventually, new or complimentary nests are produced within the same loft space. In 2014 we entered a loft with 4 separate colonies. In another case, we discovered a nest the size of a dustbin lid. Finally for the biggest bumble bee nest. two large colonies appeared to have merged, producing a 1.2-metre mound of insulation!

The point we are trying to make here is a simple one. Bumblebees are wonderful, beautiful insects, but never underestimate the size or temperament of a large colony.

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