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Flying Insect Pest Control

Fly Identification & Treatment in Bristol

Flying insect pest control is a tough business. Getting rid of flies requires a forensic approach where we try and understand the root cause.

Flying Insect Pests Are Associated With

Window Frames, Attics and Lofts.
Insect Bites and Allergies.
Food Poisoning and Sickness.
Dead Birds and Other Animals.
Food Waste.

During the summer months, flies are at their worst. But why should we be concerned about flies?

Airborne insects carry and spread many types of pathogenic (disease-causing) microorganisms. Germs include bacteria and viruses that are dangerous to humans and other animals.

Because there are many different species of fly, you must have them identified accurately by our experts. Problems inside properties could be a welcome warning that something is not right.

Some species prefer sewage while others like dead animals. Understanding the preferences of the insect helps you quickly zoom in on the cause and eliminate the problem, fast!

Control might require ongoing services, monitoring and maintenance, while other problems get resolved in a day. No kidding!

Biting parasitic insects cause terrible bites and scarring on people with bite allergies.

Find The Source Of The Problem

Take a closer look at insects, and you will discover behaviours making them easy to locate and resolve.

Pesticides make perfect sense for the control of larvae, but fail to control winged insects effectively and consistently without excess contamination of surrounding areas.

Larvae show you where the source of the problem is. Resolving the cause of the issue ensures you achieve lasting control.

Please contact our Bristol Pest Control team today for a pest control service you will love.

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