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Squirrel Control in Bristol

Get Rid Of Grey Squirrels

Problem with squirrels is common in Bristol. Grey squirrel control services should always focus on solving squirrel problems quickly and permanently.

Squirrels cause extensive and expensive damage to wiring, plastic pipes, alarm cables, lighting cables and much, much more!

When squirrels first invade and colonise a property, the owners consider them as fluffy little guests. Sadly the love and joy can soon turn to fury and irritation.

Disturbed sleep, faulty electrics, and water damage from chewed plastic pipes are compelling calls to action. Don’t make the mistake of hoping they will leave – they usually don’t!

We use high-level trapping and proofing to exclude and eliminate squirrels.
The DIY pest controller in most households buys a cage trap that they forget to check.
Maggots falling through light fittings and a stench of rotting flesh is usually the first indication that an unchecked trap has caught a squirrel.

Even if they do catch it quickly, it gets released in the garden, only to return immediately. Occasionally a squirrel is taken away in a car and defecates and urinates inside, making further journeys unlikely.

Ultrasonic devices and strobes can be useful in a limited number of cases. However, you are only treating the squirrels and not the source of the problem – the hole in your roof.

Exclusion is always the most desirable and humane form of longer-term control.

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