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Insect Pest Control

Insects Cause Injury, Illness, Irritation & Damage

Most Insect pests carry and spread disease, destroy property and often represent a significant financial headache because they are challenging to eradicate. Because insects are so small, problems don’t often get discovered until you have a big problem.

Insects That Bite

Biting insect pests include fleas, bed bugs and horse flies. Any living creature that feeds on another for its survival is called a parasite. Parasitic pests are among the most challenging to eliminate quickly.

Insects That Spread Disease

Any Insect pest causing or spreading disease is a vector. Three insect species falling into this category include fleas, blowflies and house flies. Vectors spread infections to us directly through bites or indirectly through food and water contamination.

Insect Pests That Damage Property

Carpet moths, carpet beetles and grain weevils are examples these pests. We describe the pests, we find consuming and destroying our property and food rather than our health as being of economic importance.

Nuisance Insect Pests

Nuisance insect pests are those that are merely unsightly, and in many cases are no risk to people or property. Silverfish and bumble bees are great examples.

From what we have already mentioned, it is always a prudent financial move to investigate a pest and problem and then decide what the best actions should be.

Apple Flea Weevils

apple flea weevils

Apple Flea Weevils What Are Apple Flea Weevils? Apple Flea Weevils (Rhynchaenus pallicornis) are small, dull, snout beetles and have nothing to do with fleas. Apple flea weevils are pests of economic importance. Orchards with the worst affected trees were found in unmanaged orchards or orchards managed using organic practices. The adult weevils are highly […]

Gooseberry Sawflies

Nematus ribesii larvae gooseberry sawfly

Common Gooseberry Sawfly What Are Gooseberry Sawflies? The gooseberry sawfly (Nematus ribesii) or Imported Currant Sawfly is the last insect herbivore pest you would want to find laying eggs on your lovely gooseberry bushes. The gooseberry sawfly is widespread across the United Kingdom and other temperate areas, where it is unsurprisingly common around its favourite food […]