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Mouse Control

How To Get Rid of Mice

The UK is home to many different kinds of mice.

The most common mice we see include the Wood Mouse (brown), House Mouse (grey-charcoal) and Field Mouse (light brown).

Most rodent problems start because vermin can enter buildings through an opening in its structure.

Wall vents, missing bricks, missing mortar and rotting timber doors all offer gaps through which a mouse can enter.

Any hole the size of a Bic biro will be large enough for juvenile mice to enter.

Mouse control is carried out using traps and bait. Traps are humane and discreet to ensure as little distress as possible.

We use poison bait sensitively and sparingly because this reduces the likelihood of smells developing.

Only a combined or integrated approach will work well. Never rely on just one method of control.

If you have problems with mice, we would love to help. Please contact us on 0117 369 2709 today and book a pest inspection. We will advise you on both the professional and amateur option s available to you.

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