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Moths In Your Home

Get Rid Of Moths In Your House

Moths come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some have larvae that feed on textiles while others feed on your dried food.

We can divide the most common ones we see in our homes into many groups.

The White-Shouldered moth thrives in bird and rodent droppings.

The Clothes moth likes to feed on clothes, curtains and carpets.

The Carpet moth has a preference for floor textiles like rugs and carpets.

The Bee Moth – these indulge in the wax of bumble and honey bees.

Indian Meal moth larvae love pulses, seeds and dried fruit.

As you can see, we have many different kinds, and this is just the top five!
Moth infestations are almost never seen in homes and businesses with excellent housekeeping and food rotation.

Just as we see with other pests, they require time and food to overwhelm us.
Don’t let these common insect¬†pests get the better of you – we can help!

Pest Control Bristol

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Welcome As your local pest control business in Bristol, we are delighted to be developing this site to help serve you. Pests Covered Include: Pests in Bristol come in all shapes and sizes, but for convenience, we can place them into three categories. Insects: These include – carpet moths, bedbugs, fleas, flies, wasps and bees. […]