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Get Rid of Rats in Bristol

Problem rats never last with our services because we always go for a solution and not a treatment.

People struggle for years with the traditional rat control methods. These include bait, poisons, traps and glue boards.

The problem with bait and traps is they never tackle the source of the problem. Traps and bait never stop a rat getting into your home and business.

In some cases, the rats die in the buildings cavities, and the whole place stinks of death.

Instead of the outdated system used by almost the entire UK pest control industry that we coined BAIT-STINK-FLIES-REPEAT, we opt never to go straight for bait.

Our system is simple – FIND-FIX-FORGET-FOREVER! Exclusion is the most humane form of control no one does it better or smarter than we do!

Call us today for rat control services in Bristol that could rescue your home from rat ingress forever!


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Killing Rats Is Never The Goal – Exclusion is The Goal! Simon Berenyi Exclusion is always the primary end goal of rat control because exclusion avoids the destructive, wasteful and inhumane system of BAIT-STINK-FLIES-REPEAT. Joining The Pest Control Industry Hi, my name is Simon, a pest controller. I started my professional life in the Ambulance […]

How Rats Enter Kitchens

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Why Are Rats In Your Kitchen? Rats are in your kitchen for a reason – food! But sometimes they come in just to take a look. Rats love to take food items and hide them away in a place of safety for another day. This behaviour makes these furry little thieves a big problem. We […]

Pests & Disease Risk

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Disease Risk From Pests In Your Home What Pests, Carry & Spread Disease? Pests associated with the transmission of diseases to humans include rodents, insects, and birds. Some pests are more critical than others with respect to disease. For this reason, we shall quickly separate pests into three groups. Pests of medical importance, pests of economic importance and […]

Welcome to PestBristol

WaspKill UK pest control was established in 2007, providing Pest Control to homes and businesses in Bristol and Bath. In 2018 we updated our website and called it “PestBristol” to reflect that we treat all kinds of pests and to improve user experience. We’re proud to offer you a wide range of pest services, operated by […]

Pest Control Bristol

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Welcome As your local pest control business in Bristol, we are delighted to be developing this site to help serve you. Pests Covered Include: Pests in Bristol come in all shapes and sizes but for convenience, we can place them into three categories. Insects: These include – carpet moths, bedbugs, fleas, flies, wasps and bees. […]